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How do you keep your divorce private?

| Sep 12, 2021 | Uncategorized |

You are ready for your divorce, and you think it’s really the best option for both you and your spouse — but you hate the idea that your family’s “dirty laundry” might become public.

Worse still, you’re worried about how the optics of your divorce could affect your professional career, business, children or community standing. You wish everything could remain private.

You have options that can help preserve your privacy

There are several different ways that you can approach this problem, although a lot depends on how willing (or unwilling) your spouse is to cooperate. Consider these three approaches:

  1. Go for an uncontested, “no-fault” divorce.

Like other states, Florida allows couples to dissolve their marriage simply because the relationship is irretrievably broken. Nobody has to be the “bad guy” in the divorce and admit to infidelity, cruelty, abandonment or other issues.

You and your spouse can file for an uncontested dissolution of your marriage if you can settle all of the issues surrounding custody, support and the division of assets and debts without the court’s intervention. You can keep the details of your split out of the public’s eye by doing this.

  1. Ask for a social media clause.

These days, almost everybody shares aspects of their lives on social media. If you’re worried about what your spouse may say about the split on Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media sites, you may be able to craft a nondisparagement clause between you.

That can help you both retain your dignity, and some privacy as your divorce moves forward.

  1. Hire a private judge to hear your case.

What if you and your spouse just cannot agree on all of the details of your split? A private judge may be the answer. 

High-profile couples who want to keep gawkers and gossip at bay during their divorce often hire private judges. These same couples also hire judges because it helps them avoid waiting on the local court’s schedule for their hearings.

The more proactive you are about planning your divorce, the easier you may find the process in the long run.