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Addressing school challenges as co-parents

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Co-parents have a lot of duties that they have to handle together. Some of these have to do with the child’s schooling. Taking the time to come to an agreement about how school matters will be handled is important so that the child and both adults know what to expect. 

Some of the more common issues that will need to be addressed include things like making sure that homework gets done and handling disciplinary matters at the school. You should also consider how communication will be handled. 

Notify the school

The school will need to know who to contact if something happens. Typically, you will choose one parent as the primary contact but the other parent can be the secondary. Very seldomly, the school may notify both parents. This is likely more common with email or virtual communication, but they might not have time to call both parents. 

Set up a calendar

You can set up a shared calendar so that you and your ex can add school-related events. This might include things like plays, practices, games and similar things. If your child is old enough, include them in the calendar so they can add things too. The shared calendar can also help with homework, vacations, and parenting time. 

Anyone who’s going through a divorce that involves children should ensure they have a comprehensive parenting plan. Part of this involves making sure that there’s a plan for education decisions for the child. It’s imperative that you do this as quickly as possible so that everyone has a chance to adjust to the new way of life without much delay.