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Tips to help your kids cope with divorce

On Behalf of | May 9, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Divorce is hard. It’s challenging for the two people who are splitting up and especially challenging for children.

As you transition into life after a divorce, your kids may face some new challenges. Some tips to help your children cope with your divorce and understand what is going on can be found here.

Encourage them to spend time with the other parent

During a divorce, there are often hurt feelings, arguments and conflict. Children see this and may feel like they must take “sides.” Make sure this isn’t an issue by avoiding conflict in front of them when possible. You should also encourage them to spend time with their other parent. This will help alleviate the guilt they may feel by doing this and leaving you.

Talk about their feelings

Check in with your children regularly about how they are feeling and if there is anything they don’t understand. As mentioned above, divorce is hard on everyone, and even older kids may have questions. Prompting your kids to ask their questions will help them see it is ok to talk about how they feel and what is happening.

Keep your child’s routine as much as possible

When you divorce and one parent moves out, things will change. However, you should still try to keep as much of your child’s regular routine as possible. This will help them regain a sense of stability that the divorce may have impacted.

Helping your child get through a divorce

While divorce can be confusing and overwhelming for children, you can take steps to help them understand what is happening and how things will change. In many cases, including children in conversations about decisions that will impact them is helpful too.