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It’s Your Legal Right & Our Priority

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Fort Myers Health Care Surrogate Lawyers

All people have the right to decide the level of medical care they want if they become incapacitated, including a terminal illness, end-stage status or a persistent vegetative state. Unfortunately, for many people, those decisions never come to fruition because they have not taken the proper steps to carry out their wishes.

Living wills and health care surrogates give you the ability to appoint someone to make medical decisions for you. At O'Halloran & Simmons, our Fort Myers health care surrogate attorneys can help you draft documents that protect and preserve your wishes and intentions. We represent individuals, couples and families throughout Southwest Florida, helping them make decisions that will affect their lives for years to come.

Southwest Florida Living Will Attorneys

A living will is a document that tells loved ones and medical care providers exactly what you want in terms of health care. It can help avoid problems, including legal issues and family conflict. A living will typically states whether you wish to receive certain procedures and life saving measures such as artificial respiration, tube nutrition, hydration and others.

Health Care Surrogates

This document is different from a living will. In it, you appoint someone to make health care decisions for you and carry out your wishes. Such decisions could include authorizing or declining medication, surgery and other medical decisions.

Our team is skilled and experienced. We can help clarify the issues so you can make very specific decisions about the types of care and details you want for yourself. We have dedicated more than 45 years of practice to helping individuals with important planning matters. We provide estate planning service to Florida clients, as well as probate administration, elder law and Medicaid planning services.

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