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Fort Myers Special Needs Trust Lawyers

It is essential for families who have children or adults with special needs to plan for their future financial and health care needs. With over 45 years of experience, our family-based firm, O'Halloran & Simmons, helps Southwest Florida families protect their loved ones with special needs.

More and more families have members with disabilities and various special needs. Our Fort Myers special needs trust attorney helps those families plan and prepare for the care and well-being of those they love. We provide comprehensive estate planning and asset protection services with depth of experience in preserving government benefits and service.

A Word of Caution: Assets that are given directly to a person with a disability may make that person ineligible for public assistance such as Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Special needs trusts must be properly drawn up to avoid this problem.

How Can A Special Needs Trust Help?

By creating a special needs trust, you can retitle assets and property that are to be used for the benefit of a person with special needs without giving him or her ownership. Thus, you can set aside money or property for the care of someone for his or her lifetime. A trustee retains control.

Different types of special needs trusts can be used for:

  • Children with a disability
  • An elderly person on public assistance, including Social Security, SSI or food stamps
  • A person receiving disability benefits who has a money settlement

Southwest Florida Supplemental Needs Trust Attorneys

Imagine all the things you can do by creating a special needs trust: provide for medical care, dental treatment, eye exams, transportation needs, food, clothing, education, health insurance, therapy and other needs. You can set aside funds to ensure the well-being of your special needs loved one.

But special needs trusts require detailed knowledge of estate planning laws and regulations to provide maximum protection. It is imperative to engage an attorney who has knowledge of and experience in this particular type of trust. It is necessary to consider possible tax consequences and all scenarios to make sure your loved one will receive the benefits you intend. Our lawyers will help you prepare for the unexpected and create a trust that works for your family.

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