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It’s Your Legal Right & Our Priority

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Protecting the Best Interests of the Children

Parenting plans are used to make sure the best interests and needs of the children are met after a divorce or paternity action. A good parenting plan sets forth the child’s time with each parent, including clear arrangements for holidays and vacation time. Parenting plans help ensure both parents have the opportunity to have an impact on their child’s life and share in the joys and responsibilities of parenting. It is most important, throughout the legal process and beyond, that the best interests of the children be the center and core of these plans.

If you have questions about what rights you will have after the divorce, or if you want to work with a Fort Myers parenting issues attorney who will protect your rights, contact our firm. At O'Halloran & Simmons, PLLC, we have many years of experience working closely and personally with parents throughout Southwest Florida to find effective resolutions to family law matters.

Shared-Parenting Versus Sole-Parental Responsibility

When the courts are making decisions about the responsibilities each parent will have after the divorce, their primary objective is protecting the best interests of the children. We work with parents to determine the best means to effectively meet their parenting goals:

  • Shared-parenting: In most situations, the courts believe both parents should be given the opportunity to have an impact on their child’s life. When parents share responsibility, they both have a say in making major decisions about the child’s upbringing, which can include decisions about healthcare, education religion and other major decisions.
  • Sole-parental responsibility: If either parent has problems that make him or her unfit to parent safely and effectively, the court may award sole parental responsibility to the other parent. Emotional problems, drug and alcohol addictions or a criminal history, as well as other factors, may be considered in making that determination.

Contact a Fort Myers Shared-Parenting and Sole-Parental Responsibilities Attorney

Because the abilities or circumstances of parents can change over time, we also work with clients to modify existing court orders. If there has been a substantial change in circumstances, we can help you make sure your parenting plan still protects the best interests of your children. Contact an experienced lawyer by calling 239-603-6337 and scheduling your initial consultation.