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It’s Your Legal Right & Our Priority

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Fort Myers Lawyers For The Probate Process

After the death of a loved one, family members often take care of distributing the deceased’s assets as well as other tasks involved in the administration process. Knowing what to do can be daunting.

During this difficult time, having the guidance of a trusted lawyer can make all the difference. For more than 45 years, O'Halloran & Simmons has counseled Florida individuals. We guide clients through the steps of probate administration. Our firm represents clients across Southwest Florida and family members or personal representatives living in other states.

Southwest Florida Ancillary Probate Attorneys

Our Fort Myers attorneys can help you with all aspects of the probate process. We will assist with carrying out the wishes set forth in your loved one’s will. Likewise, we will guide you through administering the estate if there is no will. If your relative was not a Florida resident but owned property here, we will walk you through the steps required for ancillary probate to administer the property in Florida.

We also have extensive experience with trust administration. We can assist the trustees in complying with Florida law to carry out the direction of the deceased.

During the process known as probate, all of your loved one’s debts and assets must be addressed. The probate process involves many tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Filing the probate petition
  • Gathering necessary documents
  • Notifying creditors
  • Finding, identifying and appraising assets
  • Paying legitimate debts and taxes
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries and heirs

Through proper estate planning, you can avoid the probate process in the future. We can help you get started to ensure your affairs are handled just the way you wish.

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